Hair Health
Having won Best Hair Supplement in the Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Hot 100 awards in 2013, Viviscal has just been announced as the Best Hair Supplement in the 2016 Best of the Best beauty awards.

Is Viviscal suitable for me?

Viviscal is suitable for anyone seeking thicker, fuller, healthier looking hair, whether you are suffering from hair thinning, excess shedding OR simply want to achieve the healthier, confidence boosting hair that you deserve. With Viviscal it’s a simple as taking our award-winning supplements twice daily. Take Viviscal if you want to:
  • Improve your overall hair health
  • Reduce hair shedding2
  • Increase hair thickness
There are a number of factors that can influence on the health of your hair and hair growth throughout life, from hormonal changes, such as post-pregnancy to the menopause, to stresspoor nutritionover-styling and more.

Why is it important to nourish hair from within?

Like every other part of your body, healthy hair depends on a balanced diet and lifestyle. Maintaining a diet which is rich in specific nutrients, through food or supplementation, can help to combat factors which impact on the health of the hair and hair growth. Viviscal contains a mix of proven ingredients for healthy hair growth including:
  • The proprietary AminoMar C™– a rich marine protein complex, blended with other naturally derived ingredients.
  • Zinc and biotin2 to specifically contribute to the maintenance of healthy hair, by nourishing from within.
  • Vitamin CNiacinIron, and Millet Seed.

Will Viviscal work for me?

1 box of Viviscal is sold every minute worldwide. Thousands of women of all ages have tried Viviscal.