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I am new to your salon. Can I have a colour service?

The short answer is YES. However there are 2 guidelines regarding colour services at THESALONOFCHI. Guests must…

1. be over 16 years of age

2. Have a passed a skin test at least 48 hours before the colour service appointment

Please Note: we will not perform a colour service unless both of these criteria are met.

What is a skin test?

This test is to ensure that colour is safe to use on your hair. A small dot of colour pigment is placed discreetly on your skin near the hairline. The pigment remains in place for at least 48 hours. If there is no reaction during the test your are deemed to have passed the skin test. The idea is that only a tiny amount of dye is placed on the skin and thereby if there is a reaction this should be minimal and an indicator not to proceed with that colour.

What happens if i have a reaction to the colour test?

It is not a common occurrence but in the few people who do react the effects can be uncomfortable and in extreme cases, harmful. Many permanent and some semi-permanent hair dyes contain a chemical called paraphenylenediamine (PPD). This is the culprit of most reactions to hair dye. Reactions to the test will usually be in the form of itchy skin or a raised red rash or slight swelling and may not appear for hours or days afterwards. To relieve mild symptoms simply wash the area thoroughly with mild shampoo to remove any excess dye and try gently applying an emollient (moisturising treatment) such as aqueous cream to the affected skin. Please contact your GP immediately. And inform the salon as well.

I have always had colour before so surely I am not going to react to colour now am I?

In fact the way our bodies react to allergens and irritants can change. Especially if you have had a tattoo or black henna applied to your skin. Also if you have been more than 6 months between colour appointments we would always recommend a new skin patch test.
This is to maintain the best possible overall look for your hair, and ensure the best possible condition of your hair.

How do I know what colour will look good on me?

All colour services begin with a colour consultation. While discovering your style likes and dislikes, your stylist may also carry out a variety of assessments to discover the type and condition of your hair as well as find out about your style expereinces . Your stylist can then help you formulate the best way forward. Navigating the options with you step by step. There is always more than one way to achieve great colour design. Your stylist can help you plan the route that gives you the most benefits from your new colour tones.

How do I select the best stylist for me?

At THESALONOFCHI we do operate a unique team based approach. We are happy for you to utilise all the skills and experience that our individual team members bring. You are welcome to select one stylist to cut and another to colour for instance and if you are happy we can advise on the best team members to manage your visit. Some people always opt for the best stylist in the salon when faced with this choice and it’s quite a sound approach. As the best stylist will usually carry the highest level of skill and knowledge. However we can advise on how to use the various skills and abilities within the salon team to your best advantage. Once you have found the stylist that you simply can’t do without you are welcome to re-book with them at future times to suit you. However, no two appointments are exactly the same. You may have time constraints or feel like changing your style a little or indeed any number of occurrences that challenge your schedule, style choice or hair health. Your stylist is best placed to discuss how we as a team can help meet your needs at each appointment. Our guests can often find our team based approach gives them more flexibility.

Do I always need to have a style dry finish with my colour service?

It is not always neccesary to style-dry the hair after your colour service. However many colour services can only be properly checked for coverage, tone and quality once the hair is dried and styled. This allows your stylist to see the true  result before you leave the salon and ensure that the colour placement and design is as we intended it to be.

How much will my colour service cost?

Service prices can be quoted over the phone, or pricelists placed online are to give an indication only. Following a consultation with our stylists we can give an exact quote, as prices are dependent on the length, and thickness of hair, and the colour products and techniques used. Please note that Style Dry service is not included in the price of colour service.

How do I know what to ask for? Every salon has different names for the services

If you know the change you would like to see in your hair simply tell us and we will book the appropriate time and stylist for you. If you would like some advise why not book a free style consultation appointment. You can discuss your options and ideas and get some advice from our expert team.

How do I book a colour service?

Contact our reservations manager by tel: 01491 575247 or email: enquire@chisalon.co.uk or complete this form [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]