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The sound of winning

It’s official! At least that what the email says.

I keep pinching myself. A worrying side effect is that I’m starting to enjoy it. And now it’s caused a dilemma. I always chime in at dinner parties about how everyone around me wins and how happy I am for them, but I NEVER WIN. Unless you count that £5 scratch card 8 years ago and the egg and spoon race. My track record of competition winning is not going to worry my local casino one bit. You see, I am the one who has a go. And have done very well going on this way thank you very much. I find if you have a go at something often enough, and pay attention, you get quite knowledgeable about it. And if you love what you are doing, well then you get a double wammy of good results and a puffed up torso. But this is different. This is alien territory.
Here in the hair fashion industry we are used to revolving around the music world. Preparing personas to stand on high aboard suspended stages and appearing larger than life on building sized screens in detail exposing hi def resolution. Hair artists are part of the team that create a very stylish order from chaos. And we love the challenge. But this is the first time the music industry has turned around and said to me “let’s help you with that”. Today is such a day. A couple of months ago our salon team had a go at something new. The creative guys at The Performing Rights Society (PRS) wanted to know about how we use music in our business. So not one to shy away from a sound talking too, especially when I get to do the talking. We went for it and had a go.
And guess what?…We Won!
Ok I should at this point say we didn’t get the biggest prize but we did place in the top 3 nationwide winning £2500 of audio equipment for the salon. Wow! I still can’t believe it. Time for my 2 most favourite things. Shopping and music. I’ll have a go at that! Thanks PRS! Winning There are competitions for pubs, fashion, hair and restaurants. Visit the PRS site for more info