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Senses from the front desk…

A Sensory Note

from the front desk

Dear guests,
Spring is defininitely here and to think there is no better time to turn our attention to the senses than during this most uplifting of seasons with its riot of colour, abundance of fragrant smells and sounds of wildlife. You will know from your visits to The Salon Of Chi that Nicole has created an incredibly unique atmosphere for us all to enjoy and it's due, in no small measure, to her attention to one particular detail - how she wants us to feel whilst spending time in the salon.
To delight the senses, there are snippets of nature liberally distributed throughout the Salon.  The oil diffusers quietly puff out specially chosen aromas, the cushions offer soft, tactile materials, the selected furniture celebrates natural wood and the soothing colour palette brings it all together.  From thoughtfully curated play-lists to the use of organic and biodynamic products from the sensational OWAY range, the Salon invokes nature, induces tranquillity, gives out calm energy and above all stimulates our senses from the moment we walk in the door.  
Now we’ve all seen how babies explore the world by watching, listening and putting just about everything they can into their mouths. They absorb it all through their senses.   And who wants to take a toddler into anyshop?  They will try to touch or grab everything and anything they see on their quest to get a ‘feel’ for the world they live in. 
I have spent many years working in Montessori preschools and there is an area of classroom where you will find children engaged in activities specially devised to refine the senses – the Sensorial area.  This is a very important area of learning as we are, in fact, born with the ability to use a multi-sensory approach to process new information and transfer it into ‘knowledge’.  The Greek philosopher, Aristotle sums this up when he said: “There is nothing in the intellect that was not first in the senses.” So, considering that we’ve being using our senses since even before birth, it’s important that we try not to overlook the significant part they play in our well-being, especially now. 
My friend, who is a school nurse, reminded me of a lovely sensorial activity which can be kept and later used in moments of emotional stress or worry.   It is a sensorial first aid kit - a box full of sensory treats that have special meaning to you.  Your box will be full of your favourite items and each will relate to the senses – sight, touch, smell, taste, and sound.  
Gather up photographs of people you love, magazine cuttings of places that fascinate you or charts of your favourite colour group.  These can have a powerful effect when looking at them.  Scents are magical – they can evoke and conjure vivid scenes in our memories. Perhaps include a soothing hand or body cream, a soap or perfume tester for a tactile and olfactory experience. Maybe a favourite recipe. One that reminds you of a great meal you shared or the smile on the faces of those who enjoyed your baking.  It might even encourage you to get baking! How about your favourite flavour of tea?  The smell alone will remind you to take time out to savour a cup of it.   Remember your favourite songs which will inspire you to listen to them again.  Music has the power to transport you to another time and revisit the memory the sound stirred up for you.   By listening to the right music, you can be uplifted in a second and it might even get you dancing which can never be a bad way to spend ten minutes.  A colourful nail polish; a dried flower; a pebble from a beach you once enjoyed.  The list is endless and the list is yours.  Anything you gather up and put in the box will be very effective when you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed or a little bit flat.  
Dip into your box for a sensory trip down memory lane and be moved by that song or transported back to that beach.  It’s there to take you off in a different direction for a while and connect you not only to your precious, happy memories but also to what is important to you right now. 
Till next time,  
Gillian x



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