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First Visit? A few tips for success

  • First things first...


    Especially if this is your first visit or considering a change, ask for a consultation. These are always free and give us some time to chat about good hair goals and create new plan for you.

  • What ever your doing or where ever you are...

    Contact Us Anytime

    There are a range of ways to request an appointment 1. Fill in your details below 2. Call 01491 575247 3. Email enquire@chisalon.co.uk

  • were human too

    No Jargon Necessary

    Theres no need to know the names of all the hair techniques and industry speak. Our team specialise in the ability to translate style speak and to also scientifically define your hair structure. Together these tell us all we need to create the results that matter most

  • you dont have to look too far

    Location, Location, Location

    We are located in Henley On Thames. If you get lost just ask for the Post Office (theres only one) and were 2 doors up.

  • Choosing wisley is more practice than luck 😉


    For drivers there is a range of parking provision within a 5 minute walk. The train station is 7 minutes by foot and local bus stops are just around the corner.

  • Take a seat. Relax. Lets talk hair


    You deserve a reward! And what better than delicious fresh coffee or a range of organic fair trade teas in our design studio filled with natural touches to make you feel welcome as if youve always belonged.

  • Completely free and complimentary


    All our appointments start with a consultation so we understand and agree the style plan for your visit. Only when you are completely happy will we proceed with the technical or styling service.

  • Collect some ideas

    Snap a few pics

    Sometimes the best way to share inspiration is a picture. Wether its colour, style, texture or shape. Taking a few snaps of inspiring things helps us to build a picture of your style. And the better picture we have the more focused we can be on your persoanl styling plan.

  • Hey this is the good bit

    Let us do the work

    By now you've done the hard bit. Now its time to let us do the technical stuff and also look after you for a while. Its what we do best. Enjoy!


Request an appointment. Our reservations team will contact you to confirm your requirements



At the SALON OF CHI we welcome our guests, we listen to requests, we care about people. WE LOVE HAIR. We are creative visionaries believing in ETHICAL hair care, SUSTAINABLE product development and & FAIR TRADE. We CELEBRATE beauty in balance with NATURE and nurture