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TECHNO-BOTANICALS from the most progressive green chemistry.

Maximum power phyto-peptides, plant-based hyaluronic acid, booster bioferments for cell renewal and strength, plant stem cells, esters of gradual absorption, vegetable cellulose. Each OW MEN formula contains active ingredients fruit of the most advanced green chemistry.

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Style is the outward expression of the individual. Our team fuse timeless barbering techniques to meet the challenges of a new era in mens grooming.


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To ensure your hard working hair is ready when you are; Expect professionalism, choice and great advice. Our team are experts in hair. Assessing the condition, durability and individuality of hair. Understanding how to get the best results in the the most efficient route. Services include Cut and Style, fades, Beard Trims and Neck lines and lots of tips and tricks to help you enjoy being you. And all with our signature comfort and welcome refreshments menu.


Do I need to book? 

Booking is highly recommended. Although feel free to pop in if you’re in the area. We also have a Stand-By booking service for same day appointments which offers a great discount for last minute bookings. Booking one of these earns a healthy discount so be sure to mention it when you make you’re booking to secure your discount. The stylist will be allocated to you, so you cant choose but the discount means you could get a top stylist at half the price.


Become an OWAYAN MAN at The Salon Of Chi where perfect balance is the ambition of a top quality experience.The OWAYAN man is aware of himself and the world. He is building strength in character to stand on good earth. He wants a better tomorrow. He chooses to be better than yesterday. He understands that traditions are actions that people choose to remember. He chooses to create new standards of being well. Being more individual and celebrating with all those around him.At the Salon Of Chi we celebrate you.



At the SALON OF CHI we welcome our guests, we listen to requests, we care about people. WE LOVE HAIR. We are creative visionaries believing in ETHICAL hair care, SUSTAINABLE product development and & FAIR TRADE. We CELEBRATE beauty in balance with NATURE and nurture