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82 pairs of glasses will help fight poverty with each glance

We collected 82 pairs of glasses

We were contacted by one of our guests already working with Vision Aid. Once we'd heard about the millions of people who could be helped simply by accessing affordable eyecare, we were happy to help by being a dropoff centre to collect old and disused spectacles. These can then be recycled into affordable eyecare.

Affordable eyecare made possible


We have collected 82 pairs of glassesto help the work of Vision Aid. A registered charity that fights poverty by helping people to see more clearly. Once we thought about its pretty obvious really. If someone is in poverty the removal of obstacles is so vital to creating and sustaining healthy independence for individuals, families and communities. 


82 pairs of glasses

Next our volunteer will collect the glasses and send to Vision Aid. Through the recycling process and on going projects Vision Aid are able to deliver affordable testing, training and eyeware to people in situations where it can make a huge difference. So we want to say a big THANK YOU to all those who helped. To all those who rummaged in drawers and upturned their sofas to find discarded spectacles for such a worthy cause


Our Social Responsibility?

This year we have supported environmental, health and community concerns that help make a difference. We will continue to review and explore further ways to express our core vision which is to help people feel better, be better and experience a better balance of life.




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