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Have A Green Xmas

Green Christmas Ideas

How to have a ‘Green’ Christmas

    • Forage for your wreath instead of buying of the shelf – reduces transporation mileage, CO2 etc and also means you have a wonderful countryside walk in natures gym.


    • Wrap parcels with string not sticky tape – it may require a new wrapping technique but is a mini green winner!


    • Use brown paper or recycleable paper – not foil or plastic based wrappings as these cannot recycle and just clog up landfil


    • Make home-made cards – you then have full license to be as witty as you like


    • Opt for a real tree – even though a single purchase of a plastic tree may result in years of usage they still need alot of energy to make them. Real trees can be fully recycled and if you make sure they are Soil Association or FSC sourced, you wont go far wrong. Look out for tree rental services i.n your area as some people do offer to deliver and collect your tree afterwards as well.


    • ECO CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS – Buy small and inexpensive ethical eco gifts for stocking fillers from bamboo toothbrushes to reusable makeup pads. There are a multitude of new emerging online eco stores with endless and innovative options


    • CLIMATE CHANGE GIFTS – The National Forest will plant a tree for you as a gift for you. You’ll be contributing to the National Forest, healing the natural world and leaving a lasting mark on the area. Chose your sapling and receive a certificate for your loved onesDedicate a Tree | National Forest


    • BUY LESS – Amongst your family set a budget and do a secret Santa collective. There are some wonderful Apps which will send a text informing you of your “person” and a link into their Christmas wish list.


    • REFILLABLE CRACKERS – You can now buy a refillable cracker that can be used again and again.


    • SEND ECARDS – Send digital cards where possible. An estimated 1.5 billion cards are thrown away each year.


    • AT LEAST ONE FOR THE PLANET – Ask your family members to buy at least one gift for the planet. Each person then reveals there chosen gift to the rest of the family after lunch and explains why that cause means something to them. It’s a fantastic way to hear of all the good work happening locally, nationally or globally


Let’s make this the most eco friendly christmas ever.

Small changes can make all the difference in reducing our environmental footprint. Just a little consideration can have a huge impact. Think less waste, more investment in a circular economy. Shop smart and utilise technology to help and not hinder. Be open to positive change and enjoy the journey of discovery.


Our Social Responsibility

This year we have supported environmental, health and community concerns that help make a difference. We will continue to review and explore further ways to express our core vision which is to help people feel better, be better and experience a better balance of life.



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