How to

7 Ways to improve your style effortlessley

with some candid chatter & free  coffee our salon professionals share quick tips for your product professionalism and improve your style game

Use shampoo correctly

Firstly I cannot stress enough the importance of a good shampoo. Ask for professional advice on this one and don’t just choose one that has nice bubbles. Shampoo is for cleaning the scalp because that is where the oils and product build up. The hair strands are sufficiently cleaned by the bubbles from your shampoo lather. But do not rub shampoo into the strains of your hair as this can rough it up and damage it

Condition yourself to shine

Conditioner – should be applied to mid lengths and ends before rinsing. This will smooth the cuticle protect and shield the surface of the hair. And hair will appear more reflective and glossier making it look and feel healthier.

 Take a pause to improve your style

Next time you jump out of the shower and towel wrap your hair. Before you reach for the dryer take a minute prepare your hair canvas. Apply your styling products to towel dried damp hair. Distribute evenly and comb through (unless your hair is curly in which case simply apply and shake through). Your hair will thank you by being more manageable. It will style more easily and shape up better and crucially, it only takes a minute to apply styling products effectively.

Make a professional choice

As a rule of thumb select professional only products. Usually they are more concentrated and therefore a little goes a long way. Selecting for your hair type, texture and styling requirements will get the best results. Your stylist can help with a bespoke and prescriptive choices that will work for you. Your hair can feel fantastic after you leave the salon and lose its lustre over time. Your stylist should recommend the ideal products for you.

Know when to run dry

Finishing products such as wax, putty, serum and hairspray’s. Always apply to dry hair and style as advised.

Treat hair like silk not cotton

We’re talking about Hot Styling tools – always protect the hair with a heat protection styling spray before you use hot tools and treat your hair as if it was silk rather than cotton. So turn the temperature of your tools down! Only the very strongest of hair requires intense heat. All electrical tools are temperature adjustable. And a Finishing school service is available to teach you how to use the tools to best effect and minimise damage to your hair.

Upgrade tools regularly

Brushes should be replaced as regularly as every 12 months. Do not allow brushes to become worn as they will damage your hair.

The quick summary

The improvements in science and knowledge gives a place we can pick really effect solutions. The trick is  1 2 3..
  1. Ask good questions – start from where you are at now – doesn’t matter if you don’t have a big picture. Talk about what you try to do and why you are doing it. Your stylist will be able to see key areas where small changes can help
  2. Use good things – your shampoo, conditioners, combs, brushes and dryers al have a job to do. Get ones that do the job YOU need them to do. what works for your best friend, boyfriend or girlfriend may not be the ideal choice for you.
  3. Use it correctly – bad styling habits can damage your hair and undo the good work your stylist puts into it. Try our finishing school service where we show you how to use your own styling tools the best way. Great if your changing your style or if you’re going to be away from your trusted stylist for a long while.