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Rules for retail establishments are always changing. Here we try to summarize our most current guidance and approaches. If you have any questions please contact us before your visit




We hope you will enjoy our holistic approach to hairdressing, business and service experience.



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Booking Lines

Tue - Fri - 9 - 5 Sat 8 - 4 Sun / Mon Closed Voice mail service is available when lines are closed or busy.

We aim to keep our guests and team safe, happy and supported. Please do feel free to discuss any details that would improve the salon experience. We look forward to being on your style team for your next salon visit

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Online Booking

Use our online New Online Booking system super fast way to manage your bookings. See all availability with your preferred stylist and manage your booking directly

Many said it couldn't be done

Reduced Landfill

Thanks to the Green Salon Collective our landfill waste reduced by an estimated 70%

Optional Contribution

Green Fee

Helping to meet the cost of ethical steps we suggest a £1 contrition on services. This appears on your bill so you always know your contribution

Operational Expectations

The following details contain safety and operational processes that were part of our 2020 re-opening process. Many of these may remain in place at least initially as we transition to a more flexible way of working So we are also preparing to be nimble and proactive in letting everyone know. If any of these details change we will update them here. Our mailing list will be one of the first areas to recieve all the lastest updates and changes

Opening Hours

SUN. CLOSED MON. CLOSED TUE. 09:00 - 17:00 WED. 09:00 - 17:00 THU. 10:30 - 20:00 FRI. 09:00 - 18:00 SAT. 08:00 - 16:30

House Keeping

We may take more time between arrival and departure for sanitation and preparation between services - Workstations - Gowns and towels - Equipment sterilisation - General upkeep - Air circulation

Update Jan 2022

Face Coverings

Wearing of face masks is NO LONGER mandatory from Thursday 27th January 2022 - If you are cold / flu symptomatic some alone time may be the best thing or wearing a mask could be courteous

We invite all guests staff and visitors to exercise good sensibility and respect for others Our team will endevour to work in a manner best suited to the individuals and conditions concerned

Things to make life easier

- Online booking enquiries - Card payments - Refreshments inc herbal tea and decaf coffee - Bring something to read - Charging Points Available

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As we get ready for this next phase we expect that many things are going to change. So we are also preparing to be nimble and proactive in letting everyone know. Our mailing list will be one of the first areas to recieve all the lastest updates and changes

update Aug 2021

Punctuality Please

Late arrivals may forfeit the appointment or accept an alternative service. You may be charged for the lost appointment

We appreciate that unforeseen circumstances may occur and apologise for any inconvenience this approach may cause while we try to accomodate everyone.

Colour Services

Allergy Testing Changes

More frequent allergy testing now every 4 months OR following any changes to medial history including vaccinations

To ensure our guests are well protected allergy testing is a vital step in acting responsibly towards our customers and our staff If you have booked a colour appointment and it will be more than 4 months since your last allergy test with us please contact us immediately as we may not be able to administer colour products on your hair without a recent test

Colour Services

Allergy Testing cont.

Allergy tests required to be completed 48-72 hours before a colour application appointment.

many things can alter the bodies sensitivity to external products. Please discuss any changes you might have experienced including tattoos, implants or any new reactions to skincare or dietary choices

Update Aug 2021

For U11's

We cut the hair dry Please cleanse hair before arriving Service may be refused if late or hair is not freshly cleansed. Child must be accompanied by an adult or guardian

Discounts & Offers

50% Off Recommend a Friend is available Stand By Services continue to offer upto 70% discounts

Update Aug 2021

Buying Retail

Walk-In purchasing available Collections can be arranged Refills available from TAKE OWAY station Pop in or pre-arrange collection


Cancellation Policy

48 Hours notice required for cancellations Customers may be charged a fair % of the appointment value 75% for fail to attend without notice 50% for cancellations less than 48 hrs Deposits may be required for future bookings



At the SALON OF CHI we welcome our guests, we listen to requests, we care about people. WE LOVE HAIR. We are creative visionaries believing in ETHICAL hair care, SUSTAINABLE product development and & FAIR TRADE. We CELEBRATE beauty in balance with NATURE and nurture