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Own Way – 100% Plant based Eu Du Parfum

Own Way Parfum hero image black

Love your OWN WAY – 

OWN WAY is more than just a fragrance, it is a story too. It is an experience encapsulating the power of Earth and the warmth of the Sun. A unique mix of freshness and depth. A blend of stunning elegance and simplicity. 

OWN WAY is 100% plant-based eau de parfum. Unlike the synthesis fragrances usually found on the market, OWN WAY is harnessing aromatherapy and the curative properties botanical elements from plants, fruits, flowers, wood, as well asaromatic biodynamic herbs grown at Ortofficina. 
Packaged in a choice of either 100ml and 10ml bottles. Shiny black on matte black, essential elegance. Presented in a minimal, eco-friendly and durable design, creates perfect gifts for him or for her.

Wear it your Own Way!.

10ml Oway Parfum box

10ml Oway Parfum presented in 100% recycled pack

10ml Own Way Parfum

100ml Own Way boxed

100ml Own Way Parfum presentation box 100% recycled pack

100ml Own Way Parfum



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